9 Lives Cat Rescue was founded by a group of 6 ordinary people in April 1996. We took in, cared for, and found homes for stray and unwanted cats and kittens. As time went by it became apparent that not all strays and unwanted pets were young and healthy. Some were elderly, disabled or had chronic medical problems, but these cats were still enjoying life. However, when it came to choosing a new pet, most people wanted a young, healthy cat or kitten and these disadvantaged cats were always at the end of the queue. Rather than resort to euthanasia for these special needs cats, 9 Lives decided to specialise in providing lifelong care for them.


Paws for Life was set up in July 2007 and is run by volunteers in their spare time.  Since 2007 all cats we have saved are Paws for life cats. We include cats that are classed as ‘harder to home cats'  These are mainly FIV+ve, disabled, elderly or cats that need medication but we will help to rehome any cat in need of a new home. Paws for Life is a voluntary organisation run by people who work full time and have many cats in their care in their homes already.  We do not have office or boarding facilities so we are usually unable to take more cats in. 

All cats will be advertised via Cat Chat website and homes will be found that way.  This may take several weeks/months.

From 2017 cats in need of a new home are still with their current owners/feeders. We are no longer taking in/boarding cats.