SAMMY, formerly Boudicea, was born approx. 2005.   Her owners wanted her to be rehomed as she was hiding in the cupboard! Rehomed by Paws for Life.
In 2011 SANCEZ was rescued by neighbours and they paid for him to be neutered and brought into good health with veterinary treatment.  Rehomed by Paws for Life.
SIDNEY, formerly Twist, was born 2001. He is very friendly, sociable and mild, and is declawed in the front limbs. (please note that we are appalled by this cruelty and it is illegal in the UK). His owner and 8 month old baby developed allergies to cat fur and dander resulting in frequent asthma attacks. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
SULLEY, formerly Snoopy . Sulley is a lovely Persian Cross born 2001. He needed a new home when his owners went abroad to live. Sulley lived with Paws for Life cat Kenny (formerly Conker) who sadly died in November 2013. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
SOOTY was a stray taken in by another cat rescue organisation but sent to us because he is FIV+ve.   He was born about 2006.  Rehomed by Paws for Life.
Another SOOTY. Her 'Mum' had to move and was unable to take her lovely girl with her. After a tearful goodbye, Paws for Life have found Sooty a loving new home as we promised her family we would. Sooty was born in 2000. SAM was born 1999 and had been indoors since 2007.  His former owner had a baby and wanted Sam rehomed. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
Another SAM - a Siamese/Bengal cross born about 2013. Sam had a herniated eye and his owner could not afford the vet fees. Sadly his eye was so bad it could not be saved.
Rehomed by Paws for Life.
SQUIRREL is a female cat with a big bushy tail hence the name.  She was born September 2013   Her owners circumstances changed so she needed a new home at 13 weeks old. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
SIMBA was born in 2000. His owner works overseas for long periods so Simba needed a new home. Simba is like a friendly but confident gymnast. He"s agile, a bit skittish, purrs loudly, is light on his feet and graceful but doesn"t like loud noise or sudden movement. Comes looking to say hello and wants a stroke, but will sit near, not on us. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
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