KASPAR was born 2005 and is FIV+ve. Kaspar has been found a permanent home by 9 Lives.
KEITH, formerly Spot, was born 2008 and was homeless until Paws for Life found him a forever home.
KIRA was born 2002. Her owner moved into a flat where cats were not allowed so Kira needed a new home, and Paws for Life found her one.
Tortie KITTY was born December 2010.  She was living with an older cat, but the older cat was finding her too much to handle.  Rehomed by Paws for Life. Tabby KITTY came to Paws for Life pregnant and homes were found for her and her kittens.
Kitty was born 2008-9.
KIZZY, formerly Tansey, was born in 2000 and is living happily in her Paws for Life home. We think she is a very beautiful cat.
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