Lovely ISABELLA was born 2008-9. She is a lovely friendly girl who just wanted to be loved.  Unbelievably this gorgeous cat was abandoned by her owner. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
IZZIE was born in 2006. She is a bit shy with strangers at first but is very friendly once she trusts a person. Her owner had to go abroad for his work and could no longer care for her. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
JAMES is a striking lad who came to Paws for Life after a traffic incident. Both his back legs were fractured and a blood test showed him to be FIV+ve.  He was born about 2007.
Gorgeous JAMIE was born around 2005-6. Jamie is a lovely and friendly boy.  Rehomed by Paws for Life.
JASON is thought to have been born around 2003. He had an ear abscess when he was found and taken into Paws for Life care and found a new home.
JASPER is a beautiful friendly boy born about 2003. He loves affection. He is FIV+ve. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
J.D. is a lovely boy born in 2005 and he is so glad he now has a place he can call home with Paws for Life.
JEWEL was 10 months old when she came to Paws for Life mid-2008 and she had not been spayed. Jewel is a very small cat who is unlikely to get much bigger. She is a strange little thing and we think she was taken away from her mother too early. What's more she is a real madcap!  Rehomed by Paws for Life.
JAZZ was abandoned outside someone's door in a cool bag in the snowy weather. We think this lovely girl was born 2002-2004. Rehomed by Paws for Life. JODIE, born 2011, was riddled with fleas, covered in poo and too thin to hang on much longer when she came to Paws for Life. Jodie and her babies were rushed in for urgent attention. She was only around 8 months old and her kittens were struggling to hang on to life.
JOE was born 1997-2001. He is FIV+ve, has poor eyesight and bowel problems. In spite of all this, he is now in the care of a loving person thanks to Paws for Life. Lovely tabby JOJO was born in 2005. Her former owner was evicted so she needed a new home - and Paws for Life found one for her.
JASPER is a stray found in 2006. A young adult then, he is FIV+ve. Jasper is very beautiful and his condition is not affecting his general health and quality of life. Rehomed by 9 Lives.
JACKIE was born about 1999. She is a friendly but dominant cat whose owners emigrated.  Rehomed by 9 Lives.
JONATHAN was born about 2000, and he is FIV+ve.  His owner was an elderly lady who couldn't take care of him anymore.  Rehomed by 9 Lives.
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