HARLEY's owner said that he was keeping them up all night miaowing and had started pulling his fur out. He has done neither of these things in his Paws for Life home. Constant miaowing and fur pulling can be a sign of stress. Harley was born in 2006.
HERBERT is a lovely ginger boy born about 2003. 9 Lives Cat Rescue stepped in when Herbert was about to be put to sleep because he is FIV+ve.
HARRY was born in 2005. He has real personality and comes for cuddles but he needs to be the one in control. He loves to share take away food and his favourite food is cheesy wotsits. He is a junk food addict! He needs lots of space and likes to be outdoors. His owner emigrated so Harry is a Paws for Life cat now.
HUGO is a lovely cat, age not known but his estimated date of birth is around 1999/2000. He was a stray, taken to a veterinary hospital and found to be FIV positive. He is very affectionate and is getting on well with other cats in the home found by 9 Lives.
Tabby HENRY was born about 2005 and he is FIV+ve. He was rescued from life on the streets by Paws for Life. His teeth were in a disgusting way and needed urgent attention.
Sweet little HOLLY was found under a holly bush in mid May 2009. She seems deaf but she doesn't seem bothered by it (she will jump to very loud noises but that might just be the vibrations). She is thought to have been born about 2002-3. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
HOWARD (formerly Timothy) is the brother of Pumbaa & Timone. Another one from the family living in the solicitors' back yard, rescued by Paws for Life in 2011.
HUCKLEBERRY's estimated date of birth is 2002-3. He was picked up as an unneutered stray and tested FIV+ve. He is affectionately known as Huckle, and is very friendly but happy being an only cat. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
HARRY is an adult FIV+ve male who was a stray. His age not known but he was young when found in 2007. Rehomed by 9 Lives. Tabby girl HONEY was born in 2009, is one of the  litter born in the garden of a solicitors' practice. Mum is Coco (formerly Wiselee). Rehomed by Paws for Life.
HARRISON came to us after being rescued from the street. The person who found him was leaving the country and tracked us down from outside London to ensure he would not be destroyed. Harrison is FIV+ve but is otherwise healthy. Rehomed by Paws for Life. Harper was born about 2010-12.   He was an unneutered stray wondering the streets of London.  Trapped by a caring cat lover he was neutered and microchipped.  Rehomed by Paws for Life.
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