FELIX and his companion Charlie had been fed by an elderly lady for years. She sadly died and her home was being sold so Felix and Charlie's safety was at stake.  Sadly Charlie died, but Felix now has a new home where he will be safe. Rescued by Paws for Life in 2010 and rehomed.
Our other FELIX is an FIV+ve boy who was born in 2005. Felix was about to be put to sleep but now he has a loving home found by Paws for Life. FENNGOOSE (Fenn) has a lovely placid nature. He likes being stroked and brushed and he'll happily sit in a window sun spot for hours. Fenn was born 2006. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
FINLAY was born about August 2008. He was mistreated by his first owners but is now safe in a Paws for life home. 
FRAZER was rescued from the street. He was born about 2008. Frazer has a little visitor friend from around the corner who pops in nearly every day and his new 'Mum' is thinking of getting him a companion.  Rehomed by Paws for Life.
FLORRIE (formerly Fleur) is thought to have been born about 2007.  Rehomed by Paws for Life. FINLEY was born about 2013.  A family member was allergic to cats so he needed a new home. 
Rehomed by Paws for Life.
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