DAISY was born 2003. Her owners emigrated but they didn't want to take her with them. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle up and sit on laps. Rehomed by Paws for Life.

We have another DAISY. Her owner developed an allergy to cats so she had to go, along with her companion Bert. Daisy was born in 2000. Sadly Bert died of cancer November 2011. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
DANDA was born 1999 and needed a new home because his owner had to move and is not allowed pets. Danda has a sensitive tummy but does OK on a well known brand of dried food. Rehomed by Paws for Life.
DERWENT is another moggie with a common story. He had a home once, but because his owners did not bother to get him neutered he became homeless, and FIV+ve. He was born about 2003-4, and was found in North London.
Rehomed by Paws for Life.
DIA is a very pretty and friendly girl born 2006. Her owner was allergic so Dia needed a new home.
Rehomed by Paws for Life.
Semi long haired and sleek, handsome DONNY needed a home. He was found in an awful state in 2008, matted and dirty. Now after much care Paws for Life found him a new home. Donny is FIV+ve.

Danny was born about 2009. His previous owner adopted Danny from a workmate who had to return home to Brazil. Danny was around a year old and had been living on the streets during the day and in a high rise flat at night. As a result of his street adventures he was very timid at first. He is an adventurous, independent cat who loves his garden. Rehomed by Paws for Life.

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